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Learn More about Advantage Mini Storage in Kamloops

Is there a registration fee to book a storage unit?

No, there are no registration fees upon booking a storage unit with Advantage Mini Storage in Kamloops. Hidden charges can ultimately drive up the cost of renting.

Is there a security deposit required?

No security deposit required.

Is there a deposit required for a gate card or opener?

No gate card or opener required. We offer keypad access with your own passcode.

Is there a fee or deposit required to hold a storage unit?

No fee or deposit is necessary to hold a storage unit. We will reserve a storage unit for up to one month, no problem.

Some facilities require one month notice from the anniversary date or the first of the month when vacating a lot. What type of vacate notice is required for your facility?

Only one month notice is required from the day you give notice.

What type of access do I have to my storage unit? Is there any extra charge for gaining access outside the regular hours?

Regular access hours are 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, with 24-hour access available upon request at no extra charge.

What type of security and protection do you provide?

  • Our entire facility is gated and fenced with 24-hour digital video surveillance.
  • We feature a digital coded gate and logged access, complete with individual unit door alarms.
  • Each of our units has individual sprinkler(s) with fire alarm and security protection, monitored by a central station.
  • The entire facility is well-lit with resident owners on-site, giving you that extra protection and peace of mind.

What type of units does your facility have?

  • All storage units have ground level access.
  • We offer easy drive-up access to our exterior non-heated units.
  • Find easy single level access to our heated interior storage units, with no stairs or elevators to contend with.

What is the height of the storage units?

The average height of our storage units is 11 feet, due to vaulted ceilings following the pitch of the roof to give you that extra storage space.

Is the facility paved?

The entire facility is paved and clean throughout to help minimize dust, prevent mud, offer easy snow removal and provide stable ground, all making moving much easier.

Still have questions? Call Advantage Mini Storage or come by our Kamloops facility to pick up moving supplies.

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