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Heated interior storage

Climate Controlled Storage in Kamloops

Advantage Mini Storage is your custom self-storage solution in Kamloops. Our storage lockers come in a variety of sizes to fit all of your belongings. No matter what size you choose, your unit will come equipped with all top-of-the-line security. One of our services includes providing climate-controlled storage in Kamloops. Whether you want to store easily-damaged items or require long-term storage, we can help. Our climate-controlled storage is different from regular storage units and provides an added measure of protection.

Would you like to learn more about our climate-controlled storage in Kamloops? Please feel free to speak to our team. Besides this, you can refer to our FAQs section for more information.

What Is Climate-controlled Storage?

As the term suggests, climate-controlled storage refers to units with temperature regulation facilities. While a standard storage unit just provides you with space for your items, our climate-controlled storage is heated for extra protection. As a result, your belongings don't get too cold or hot. For instance, humidity and excess moisture can damage paperwork. Our climate-controlled storage in Kamloops helps you avoid that.

Heated, Convenient, Secure Storage Units

Our heated interior self-storage units are well-lit and easily accessible, with spacious hallways for your convenience. Our indoor lockers offer double protection from the weather, making these the perfect lockers to protect your most valuable belongings from the elements. Check out our handy size chart or consult our locker size calculator for an estimate of which unit will work best for your needs.

Do I Require Climate-controlled Storage?

All items benefit from being placed in climate-controlled storage. The consistent temperature and moisture levels guard your possessions from damage and provide a high level of protection. Some common items that our clients place in our climate-controlled units are:

  • Furniture: Extreme temperatures and humidity can damage leather and wooden furniture

  • Clothing: It is better to place your fabrics and clothing in climate-controlled units, especially if they are expensive

  • Electronics: Items such as computers, televisions, and gaming systems are best protected in climate controlled storage

  • Important documentation: Fluctuating temperatures and humidity can damage your paperwork

  • Artwork: Your fine art should be put in climate controlled units to avoid damage

  • Antiques: Antiques require the protection provided by climate controlled storage

  • Appliances: Household appliances such as dishwashers can be expensive, and climate controlled units protect them

If you're wondering whether our climate controlled storage in Kamloops is suitable for you, please contact us. Apart from this, we can also provide you with moving supplies.


Benefits of Climate Controlled Units

Some benefits of our climate controlled units in Kamloops are:

  • The units have steady temperatures and humidity levels

  • The units are ideal for long-term storage

  • The units provide excellent protection for sensitive possessions

  • The units prevent wood from warping

  • The units prevent the growth of mould and mildew

  • The units prevent leather from cracking

  • And more!

What Storage Unit is Right for You?

Please refer to the images below to determine which unit size suits you.

Contact Us for Climate-controlled Storage in Kamloops
We invite you to speak to us about our storage options. Our team is always available to attend to your queries and provide you with a quote.

Meeting Your Storage Need
Our climate-controlled storage in Kamloops is the answer to your storage requirements.

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