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Helpful Storage Advice & Solutions

Advantage Mini Storage

Advantage Mini Storage is here to

help make moving and storage as

stress-free as can be. Read our

tips for seamless storage

solutions, and don’t forget—we

also offer everything you need at

our Kamloops facility to help you

pack like a pro!



Use the same size boxes, if

possible, for easy stacking. Fill

boxes to capacity to help avoid tipping or collapsing. Pack your heavier items, such as books or tools in smaller boxes. Place heavier boxes with non-fragile items on the bottom of the stack. Avoid stacking heavier items too high.


Fragile Items

Fragile items such as dishes and glassware should be individually wrapped with packing material paper or bubble wrap. Place a layer of paper at the top and bottom of box, fill in voids with paper or packing peanuts. Place fragile boxes on the top of the stack keeping them free from the weight of other boxes.



Make sure to label your boxes for quick identification. This will help you quickly find items you want with little or no hassle.


Cover or Wrap Furniture

Cover or wrap all furniture, mattresses or box springs to avoid scratching, chipping or tearing during the move and prevent dust from collecting during storage.


Store Frequently Used Items by the Door

You may need to enter your storage unit to find a particular item on occasion. Place frequently used and seasonal items near the door of your storage unit.



Unplug, defrost and clean refrigerators/freezers completely prior to the move. Make sure doors on refrigerators/freezers are slightly braced open while in storage.


Pest Control and Safety

Do not store any food or pet food items, gasoline or other flammable liquids. Ensure the facility you are storing at is clean and has a pest control program in place.



Confirm with your home insurance provider that your valuables are covered while in storage. Usually additional insurance is required.


Saving Money

Our units have higher ceilings, which allow you to pack more into smaller sized units.

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